Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where is No-Nuisince?

Answer: The corporate office of No-Nuisince is located in Byron, Georgia with a satellite office in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Question: Is you website secure?
Answer: Our shopping cart is equipped with 128 bit encryption for your protection. This is the same level of encryption used by most banks.

Question: Is there a minimum order?
Answer: One kit or replacement part is required as  the absolute minimum sale required to process an order. We feel it is best to tell you up front that we have a minimum. Some companies ask how many first and adjust your price to hit their minimum.

Question: What are your hours?
Answer: M-F 7:30 AM to Noon & 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM Eastern Time – We close for all Holidays.

Question: Do you have stores or offices in my area?
Answer: No, we are an internet company only. We do not have walk-in facilities.

Question: Can I pick up my products in Indianapolis?
Answer: No, All of our products are shipped from our Byron, Georgia  office, No pickup service available.

Question: What are your payment terms?
Answer: Being an internet company, all orders are processed safely and securely via PayPal.

Question: Can I get a discount for Quantity?
Answer: Yes, depending on the product and quantity. Every requirement is different.

Question: I ordered the wrong product, can I return it?
Answer: Certainly, however there may be a restocking charge. You are responsible for the return shipping and MUST contact us for an RMA (Return Material Authorization) along with the address to return the products. Not all orders are returned to Indianapolis, Indiana. Our restocking fee policy is very simple. If you made the ordering mistake, you may be charged a 15% restocking fee. If the error was on our part the 15% fee will be waived.

Question: Why do you charge a restocking fee?
Answer: What some customers don’t understand is that most of our products are assembled to order. They are not sitting on a shelf in the warehouse assembled. When products are returned, they must be un-assembled and the parts returned to inventory. There is a cost involved for that labor.

Question: Do I have to order over the internet or can I phone in my order?
Answer: No; phone order are not permitted at this time.

Question: Where do you ship from?
Answer: We have locations in Indiana and Georgia. We try to ship from the closest location that has your product in stock.

Question: I need to return a product. Where do I send it?
Answer: If you need to return a product, you MUST request an RMA (Return Material Authorization). Along with your RMA Number, we will give you shipping instructions as to where to return the products. NOT ALL PRODUCTS ARE RETURNED TO INDIANA!!!!!

Question: How do you charge for shipping?
Answer: Shipping is calculated using the total weight of your order. We connect to the UPS computers from our shopping cart to get the current actual shipping charges to your location. UPS will only calculate weights up to 125 lbs. If your order is more than 125 lbs., you will see “No Shipping Options” on the shipping page of the shopping cart. Continue to place your order and we will charge you card separately for the shipping.

Question: Do you ship out of the country?
Answer: NO, not at this time

Question: How can I find my UPS Tracking Number?
Answer: You can track your order from our website. Click on “Order Tracking” at the top of any page and follow the instructions. If you have problems tracking your order on the website, email us [email protected]

Question: Can I use my companies UPS Account?
Answer: No. Our shipping facilities are setup to only ship on our UPS account.

Question: Can you ship my order FedEx?
Answer: That option is not available in our shopping cart. If it is imperative that we ship FedEx.